Our research project WarehouseSpotter, which was successfully completed in 2018 in cooperation with our project partners TU Muenchen, Fraunhofer IIS, Lindig Fördertechnik and Kathrein RFID, was presented at the annual Mittelstandskonferenz SMEs shape digitization of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBS) in Berlin on November 19-20, 2018.

The subject of the project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research was the development of a RTLS based on passive standard RFID tags in the warehouse.

Key innovation is a RFID reader with direction detection of the transponder signal, which can be mounted on the forklift truck to determine pallet positions while driving through the warehouse, speeding up and simplifying the inventory process.

INDYON has been providing commercial intralogistics 4.0 solutions for the transport of materials and goods in production and warehousing facilities for more than 15 years now.