Unlock your material flow’s full potential

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Be fast

Up to 40%  material flow savings with full process transparency, control and precision in real time

Be economical

Smart forklifts save 40% of goods transports and running costs

Be an Earth Saver

Reduced emissions, less energy consumption, use of existing infrastructure

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Every day, Track+Race® demonstrates its efficiency.
Every year, we manage more than 45 million goods movements in more than 50 installations in Europe, North America and Asia.

Up to 40% time savings and reduction in forklift fleet, energy consumption and emissions clearly demonstrate the benefits of our Track+Race® solutions for the flexible and cost-effective automation of  your intralogistics and production logistics.

Our Track+Race® solutions are more economical than any automation solution and offer more flexibility.
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Lower Greenhouse Gases and Environmental Impact

We save time by optimizing truck routes; trucks drive less distance, therefore you need fewer trucks and fewer km of fuel and maintenance, resulting in lower cost and lower impact on the environment. In previous projects, we have been able to achieve time savings around 25%. We have also been able to eliminate 5 trucks from warehouses that used to run with 25 trucks, thus reducing more than 45,000 liters of fuel and 119 tons of CO2 each year.

The Fastest Route for your Goods

Employing the Track+Race® system will enhance the speed and efficiency of your warehouse. From planning the fastest routes for charge and discharge, to optimizing the accelerating and deceleration of your trucks, to optimizing the location of stored goods based on machine learning specific to your warehouse. These are just some examples of how we will save your warehouse a lot of time.

Lower your Warehouse Overhead

By saving time, and becoming more energy efficient, you will ultimately save cost. Less time means you will need less hardware, less man-hours and less energy to fulfill the same tasks, ultimately saving you money.  Your business success is what it boils down to in the end, that is our first priority.


Material flow at a market leading manufacturer of drive components for the automotive industry is secured by 44 forklift trucks.

Task/objective: Compliance with the prescribed speed in designated hall areas is rrerequisite for the safe operation of forklift vehicles.
A fully automatic and reliable control system should adapt truck speed to the current work area without intervention of the driver.

Solution: In cooperation with a market-leading forklift manufacturer, Track+Race® was installed for location-dependent speed reduction through RFIS localization and direct connection to the vehicle control via CAN bus; RFID transponders embedded in the floor communicate with the vehicle control via the transponder antenna on the vehicle underbody.

Result: Declining claims numbers justify the investment in Track+Race®: Forklift drivers move safely and without accidents in the knowledge of reliable support through Track+Race® technology. The solution has been working reliably and maintenance-free since its implementation more than 5 years ago.


One of the largest tile manufacturers in Asia manages 60,000 square meters of storage space and 70,000 pallets with more than 50 forklifts. Every week, about 120,000 movements of goods are carried out.

Task/Objective: Large quantities produced in stock with a large number of similar items as well as confusing and spacious warehouses lead to high search times. Batch delivery of the same products in compliance with FIFO is very important. The goal is a defect-free, reliable solution for controlling goods under extreme demands on robustness and flexibility that withstands tropical environmental conditions. Impeccable loading and fast handling of the trucks as well as precise control and coordination of the numerous transport orders in the goods-to-man-controlled picking area are essential. Paper-based storage processes and the previously inadequate control should run reliably. In particular, inventory uncertainty, lack of transparency of warehouse processes, long search times and incorrect batch-related delivery are critical.

Solution: Track+Race® was installed to control the flow of material in production, warehouses and order picking zones, making it possible to precisely control and track goods and forklift movements. Via interfaces to the ERP and warehouse management system, Track+Race® receives the transport requirements and confirms them after execution. All processes in the warehouse are automatically and paperless controlled and the generated data is saved.

Result: Track+Race® has synchronized information and material flow, optimizing the communication process in the warehouse. With precise knowledge of the condition and location of the goods and forklifts, it enables controlled, error-free and transparent processes in warehouse and shipping. Search times were eliminated, paper-based processes abolished and truck loading significantly accelerated. The stored data is evaluated, providing management with up-to-date insight into inventory metrics and productivity as well as all the data needed to control daily operations.


At a leading German mineral water producer, 35 forklift trucks control the pallet movements from palletising to truck loading.

Task/objective: The highest priority is given to the fulfillment of the EU Batch Tracking Directive; the desired solution should also not limit the productivity of the storage processes, in particular the loading time of the truck. At peak times, many hundreds of trucks are loaded here each day.

Solution: The existing ERP solution was expanded by SAP WM in combination with Track+Race®, thus precisely documenting the warehouse processes down to the individual pallet or individual container. The system works without a forklift control system because the number of different articles is manageable for the employees. All pallet movements, including truck loading, are carried out paperless and without intervention of forklift drivers.

Result: Track+Race® has closed the information breach of material flow in the warehouse and has increased the speed of goods movements in compliance with the EU Batch Tracking Directive; truck loading times were significantly reduced and the possibility of incorrect loading was eliminated.


World market leader for industrial pipe support systems based in Germany.

Task/objective: The company was faced with major challenges in internal material handling. The numerous production islands used to produce many different items and the use of different production programs requires precise control of forklift-managed material handling.

Solution: The production control system tells Track+Race® the material requirements of the production islands via the interface. Track+Race® selects the appropriate transport vehicle and guarantees timely and fastest delivery of the material to the production site through precise knowledge of the storage location.According to the same principle, the removal of the goods takes place from production to a buffer store or directly to the next production step.

Result: Through precise knowledge of the condition and location of goods and forklifts, Track+Race®enables controlled and transparent production and storage. The information breach of the material flow between production and warehousing was eliminated and the synchronization with the information flow was carried out; Time lost and manufacturing errors have since been ruled out.

A leading tile manufacturer produces and stores at 3 locations in Italy and USA. With 52 forklifts, 130,000 square meters of storage space and about 100,000 pallets are managed.

Task/objective: Paper-based warehouse processes and previously poor control should run reliably. In particular, inventory uncertainty, lack of transparency of warehouse processes, long search times of the goods and incorrect batch-related delivery are critical.

Solution: After installation of our Track+Race® solution for material flow control goods and forklift movements are exactly controllable and traceable, automatically generated data is stored in real time and made available in the warehouse management system.

Result: The stored data is evaluated by the software and displayed on the dashboard. This provides management with up-to-date insight into inventory metrics, productivity, and all the data needed to control daily operations.