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Industrial Applications

Our versatile solutions for localization, identification and process optimization are designed for all conditions

Regardless of storage type, outdoors / indoors, or production environment, Track+Race® works reliably in all environmental
and climatic conditions on all transport vehicle types


Building Materials
Automotive & Suppliers
Paper & Packaging
Food & Beverages

Consumer Goods
Mechanical Engineering

Track+Race®  USE CASES

Track+Race® solutions are more economical than any automation solution while offering more flexibility. Take a look at some examples:

Connected Hardware

Increase security in the warehouse is a key aspect for many of our customers. Intersections, loading gates and ramp areas are heavily frequented with high accident potential (costly damage to forklifts, gates or shelves).

Track+Race® with its interface to the vehicle control system provides full transparency in the warehouse.
In critical areas, Track+Race® automatically reduces truck speed, stops the vehicle at collision risk and opens sliding shelves when approaching.
All motion and sensor data can be used to optimize business processes in the warehouse.
Track+Race® digitizes and transforms forklift and tugger train into fixed parts of your IT network to reduce your overall costs.

In particular, in the automated identification of reusable containers, RFID transponders are used.
We have the solutions for the RFID readers, either installed directly on the industrial truck or in the infrastructure.

Areas of application that benefit from RFID in automatic identification:

  • Incoming and outgoing goods / pallets inspection with RFID tag
  • Asset tracking in operation (e.g., containers, pallets, reusable containers, individual products)
  • Spare parts management and maintenance support of high-quality machines
  • Batch tracking (relevant e.g. in the food or chemical industry)

Our transponder solutions create seamless information systems in companies and open up completely new possibilities for data acquisition: cost-efficient, automated, in real time and with the highest accuracy.

Materials Management Platform

In the building materials industry, in particular with manufacturers of tiles and precast concrete parts, large quantities are produced to stock.
Numbers and variety of articles are often difficult to distinguish and vast warehouses lead to high search times.
Batch delivery of the same products in compliance with FIFO is crucial in this industry. Goods control solutions must provide reliable functionality under all environmental conditions; error-free shipping and fast handling of the trucks are essential.  In the goods-to-man-controlled picking area, where mechanical aids are used to move articles with high weight, the numerous movements of goods require precise control and coordination of the transport orders. Track+Race® automatically controls material flow and optimizes stock in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Already in the empties warehouse, inventory management and production supply of our beverage manufacturer customers is controlled by Track+Race®. After bottling, Track+Race® determines the storage location to ensure optimal loading and supply of picking. Batch tracking is guaranteed for any amount of trucks loaded at the same time. Track+Race® can process any amount and multitude of articles at zero search time, with priority on FIFO, error-free delivery and compliance with the highest quality and safety standards in the forklift fleet.

Wood processing produces large quantities. Numerous, often similar items in the warehouse are difficult to keep apart, stores confusing and spacious, high search times not uncommon. Batch delivery of the same products in compliance with FIFO is crucial in this industry. Despite extreme demands on robustness and flexibility, goods control must work reliably at all environmental conditions; error-free shipping and fast handling of the trucks are essential. While increasing safety in the warehouse, Track+Race® automatically manages all material flows, enabling inventory optimization to meet the highest quality standards without wasting time on product identification. Without manual intervention by the forklift driver, all goods movements in the wood store are digitized and transformed into an Intralogistics 4.0 module.

In the paper industry, storage according to quality level already plays a major role in waste paper handling. Track+Race® knows the bin and quality level of every single waste paper bale and guarantees the controlled production supply with the right quality at the right time. In the paper industry, large quantities are produced on rolls or cut on pallets. The many similar items are often hard to keep apart, the stock is cluttered in vast warehouses and high search times are incurred. First in first out and error-free delivery of the articles have the highest priority. Track+Race® controls all material flows automatically, enabling stock optimization and compliance with the highest quality standards without wasting time on goods identification. Without manual intervention by the forklift driver, all goods movements in the paper warehouse are digitized transforming it into an Intralogistics 4.0 module.

Business Applications

Metalworking is not set up as continuous production, but rather dynamic and variable: optimal communication between logistics and control is important here. The entire flow of goods and materials for production supply and disposal must be seamlessly integrated into the production processes. Track+Race® links material and information flow and ensures smooth communication. Large numbers of different articles are a challenge for material flow control.
ensures transparency in transport and inventory, eliminates search times and integrates all vehicles involved into automatic control.

All goods movements are digitized w
ithout manual intervention of the forklift driver.

To control the warehouse processes, real-time data on forklift and goods positions and goods identification processes are required. Long-term data on goods and forklift movements are needed for business intelligence evaluations as well as sensor data of the industrial trucks for fleet management and predictive maintenance.

Track+Race® constantly collects all relevant data in real time and stores it both locally and in a cloud. Modern AI tools then leverage the data and extract customer-specific metrics and productivity data (KPIs) to visualize them using end-user business intelligence tools.