Business Applications

Also for small and medium-sized customers, we offer customized business applications

Our Track+Race® Business Applications control forklifts and goods in warehouse and production in real time.
Like all our solutions, they are robust, low-maintenance and easy to install.

Our Track+Race® 3D inventory management system controls your goods and vehicle movements. Connected with your ERP, MES and WMS, it creates inventory security and transparency.

navigates, localizes and communicates
+ controls your production logistics and synchronizes goods movement with production control
+ supports Just in Time and Just in Sequence production
+ manages forklift and tugger train dynamically and flexibly, adapting to the current requirements of the warehouse and production

Intelligent storage and retrieval strategies and automatic control of all goods movements in combination with 3D inventory management are the characteristic features of our Track+Race® software.  Data is evaluated using modern BI tools; customer-specific warehouse key figures and productivity data are extracted and visualized.

 Predictive Maintenance

  • Forklift sensor data
  • Battery status
  • Driven km
  • Operating hours
  • Tons lifted
  • . . .

Inventory figures (KPIs)

  • Customized KPIs
  • goods distribution
  • goods movement
  • forklift movements
  • productivity ratios